Bell Of Entropy
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Item: "Bell of Entropy"
Size: 1.4 meters height, 460 kg weight
Usage Precautions: WARNING: Highly dangerous; Usage is as massive-scale superweapon
Handling Precautions: Unit must be soundproofed; all personnel displaying questionable psychological behavior to be kept away
Location: Classified

Photograph of Item during a 2009 operation


The item is used in wide-scale attacks requiring weapons of mass destruction. Prior to deployment, the item must be stored in a soundproof container that can be transported to site of activation. Prior to activation, all personnel are to fall back to the designated Safe areas selected beforehand to ensure their safety. The bell is to be rung via a remote-controlled automated clapper. A team is to be sent post-mission to review collateral damage, hunt down survivors and assess the condition of the affected area.


The item is stored in an entropy-resistant sub-cell inside Maximum Security and Containment sector of its facility. This unit is padded with soundproof materials. Entrance to the object's chamber requires Beta-level authorization. The object is monitored and guarded by three security personnel on a weekly rotation. The interior of the unit is to be maintained weekly due to the item's radiation. A Geiger counter constantly monitors the radiation emitted by the object. Personnel are to maintain caution when in proximity of the object, due to its mind-affecting effects.

The object is a seventeenth century church bell made mostly of wrought iron with traces of copper and tungsten. The clapper of the item has been replaced with an automated version. Ringing the bell causes anomalous phenomenon to manifest in a variable area, ranging from ten to eighty meters wide.

The phenomenon is theoretically influenced by the location of the bell. The bell itself constantly emits ███ becquerels of radiation per second. Additionally, subjects who remain in close proximity with the object for a prolonged period suffer neural and psychological atrophy, self-doubt and the breaking down of the subject's will. Affected subjects will ignore self-preservation to furnish and tend to the object.

Furthermore, subjects will attempt to activate the object and will only become docile when successful. Subjects that have been affected for more than four days seemingly acquire anomalous details in the form that their vocalizations display a slightly weaker version of the bell's properties when rung. Their vocalizations also somehow amplify the bell's anomaly. Said subjects are to be referred to as 'Harbinger' subjects.

The object's anomalous properties are often destructive. Reports from deployment operations suggest the five factors affecting its properties are time, altitude, temperature, terrain and weather.

Addenda (Experimentation)

Appendix A
As of now, there are only six (6) locations where the bell's effects are fully cataloged. 2014 update.

Location Description Effect
A testing chamber First evaluation of properties. Standard research unit. When struck, the research unit suffered structural collapse, causing $1██,███.██ in damage and the death of a researcher.
Death Valley, Nevada Second test. Hot, dusty terrain. Sunny weather. When struck, all biological organisms in a 10 m radius experienced widespread cellular atrophy, killing the research crew. Post-deployment assessment suggests the affected area was devoid of bacteria.
Stuttgart, Germany Fourth test. Cold, snowy. Grassland. Location of known SEPIA base. When struck, all biological organisms in a 10 m radius suffered temporary paralysis. All buildings in the affected area experienced a temporal anomaly that decelerates the flow of time inside by █ minutes. The affected area also began emitting ██ becquerels of radiation per second.
South Korean military complex, Gangwon Second deployment ordered by Pyongyang. Complex located on the Taebaek Mountains. Mountainous, cloudy. When struck, all human life forms in a 20 m radius were liquefied and turned into wine. When consumed, the wine causes increased metabolism in the subject.
███████, ███ Third deployment ordered by Alpha Commander ████. Snowy terrain. Mountainous. Sunny weather. When struck, the 10 m area around the object was surrounded with a hard, glassy metal that made it inaccessible. Camera feeds inside the barrier suggest the spatial displacement of the area, apparently now located in 8405 Asbolus, a minor planet orbiting Saturn. After 3 hours and 26 minutes, the area returned to its original location and the barrier dissipated, allowing personnel to recover the item. Caution is to be advised when attempting similar tests.
The Saharan Desert. Sixth field test. Hot, sandy dunes. When struck, a large supercell cloud materialized in a 10m radius. The cloud created 12 F2 category tornadoes and several lightning strikes. Precipitation from the cloud came in the form of ███ instances of Homo arabensis that released corrosive acids from their skin. Four instances were kept for research. The rest were terminated.
Foundation Armed Site-9122 First deployment. Ordered by Alpha Commander ████. Stormy, cold. When struck, all power sources, machinery and technology in a 40 m radius experienced temporary to permanent failure, triggering a massive containment breach. The site itself suffered critical structural damage and was abandoned █ days later.

Addenda (Origination)

Appendix B
The object was retrieved by Item Discovery Team Gamma-Six in 1921, after a Foundation operative disguised as a mailman in the Philippine island of ████ did not respond to communications since December of 19██. Gamma-Six was sent to the operative's station. When the agent was not found, the team questioned his manager, who reported that the agent would often leave the job early to go to the local church.

A brief investigation of the church found the operative dead near the item, with a note in his hand. The bell was accidentally activated and the team suffered from rapid atrophy of tissue and died. The Foundation sent Item Recovery Team Upsilon-Six to contain the item shortly after losing contact with Gamma-Six, classifying it as SCP-052 (Euclid).

During the initial splinter of 1924, Insurgency sympathizers at Site 21-K breached containment for eight Safe and Euclid class items, one of which was the Bell of Entropy. Dr. Garry Harding, the object's supervisor at that time, was one of the first to join the Insurgency, and helped orchestrate the breach for the item. Dr. Harding was assassinated on July 15, 192█ by Foundation loyalists.

Appendix C
The contents of the note found on the operative:

 the one god is pieces. he has divided himself for salvation, the god's 
mouth he is with me. 
the Mouth he will speak to us at last we are one we are
 pieces. We are god. pieces.
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