List of Observed Quaesitor Behavior
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List of Observed QUAESITOR Behaviors and Habits

QUAESITOR mid-descent

It has been observed, that, as a sapient and therefore autonomous Object, QUAESITOR sometimes deviates from mission objective to pursue her own agenda and interests. For the interests of upholding friendliness to both parties, The Insurgency has permitted the satellite to do as she wills, to a set reason.

Compiled here is a list of observed actions and behaviors QUAESITOR does, subject to updates periodically. Maintained by Dr. Martin Caduceus.

1.) When nearby supercell thunderstorms, will descend into the clouds. QUAESITOR is a strong conductor of electricity, and has noted her fondness for being struck by lightning.

2.) Noted to search for and then enter large rain clouds seemingly to clean herself from dirt and mud particles. Also occasionally retreats to said rain clouds when not on assignment.

3.) QUAESITOR was extremely afraid of fireworks for their blinding flashes and noise. However, through the encouragement of one Dr. , she now currently enjoys flying through firework shows. In addition to cloaking, her body projects live images of fireworks to better disguise herself in the scenery.

4.) It has been noticed that QUAESITOR will periodically emit ultra-high frequencies of noise during hazardous missions.

5.) The satellite has been seen attempting to communicate with man-made counterparts that have exited Earth's orbit, often to her disappointment.

6.) Object has attempted to descend into beneath sea level altitudes to better observe marine ecosystems, but instinctively ascended back as it made contact with a member of Sepia officinalis, the common cuttlefish.

7.) Throughout her assignments with Research-8, QUAESITOR has taken small breaks of up to 30 minutes at most to study the proto-Endellian literature retrieved, saying that it has a 'stark resemblance to another world I have visited before.' The Endellian culture was one of the only known that belonged to a subspecies that were divergent to Homo sapiens.

8.) It is not known how QUAESITOR is able to remove parts of her body at will, but she has displayed these ability multiple times to avoid incoming air hazards when she flies at high speeds near known areas of conflict.

9.) At times of sluggish activity from Command, QUAESITOR will often wander about near her last Base point, stay in one area and fly in circles at speeds of +150 kph. She has been reprimanded for doing that during a covert op in Echo site Ferder.

10.) Dr. N. T. has stated that the earliest known quirk noticed with QUAESITOR was her tendency to echo commands issued to her first in a flat, curious tone, then in a sarcastic one. This has not been observed around most researchers nowadays.

11.) Direct uplink to the object was once scrambled by an anomaly, rendering Montgomery unable to find or dictate clear orders to QUAESITOR as the item in question distorted all signals. When contact was re-established, staff found it had began orbiting the Moon in its confusion.

12.) The object initially traveled relatively unrestrained around earth orbit. However, upon encountering the I.S.S., it immediately froze and began floating freely, without propulsion, apparently to mimic space debris. It has since shown aversion to the spacecraft, which it only referred to as 'Scary Metal Dragonfly'.

13.) For the entirety of 25 January ████, staff found QUAESITOR flying upside-down. This had no problematic effect on gathered data, and it was allowed to continue.

14.) After witnessing an attack by the Scorned Archangel into a Foundation site, QUAESITOR was seen to be actively seeking out or causing bushfires and reported attempting to catch fire itself and subsequently chasing local livestock while aflame. Staff were quick to reprimand the behavior, and restricted its access to the statue.

15.) The object was once caught unawares by the Hubble telescope as it passed right in front of it, its primary sensor covering the satellite's entire lens. To avoid suspicion, QUAESITOR's 'eye' went from red into a perfect, picturesque live image of the 'Pillars of Creation' nebula for thirty-eight seconds before quickly escaping. Insiders from Hubble report the satellite was looking at the M83 galaxy during the incident. To this day, NASA records list the event as anomalous, but have not contacted any rival group.

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