Bed of Wealth
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Item: "Bed of Wealth"
Handling Precautions: N/A
Reported Anomaly: Possibly extradimensional, manipulation of reality, anomalous spacetime
Location: Facility Argary-K1


Item is viable for general funding of the Insurgency. Acquisition and distribution of funds will be handled by only designated departments; unauthorized collection of item currency is strictly prohibited and will result in harsh punishment.


Contain item in a standard keypad-protected unit at Vertigo Storage. Only personnel of clearance Delta and above may request access to the unit,. All testing must first be authorized by Beta Staff.

Item is one king-size mattress with a floral pattern, manufactured by [Redacted] at [Redacted]. Object is indistinguishable from other mattresses of its line, minus being in remarkably good condition despite its time in Insurgency possession.

Item’s properties activate when a single human lays on it, then enters REM sleep. Should the subject remain asleep and atop item for roughly 2 hours, they will be teleported, along with any objects they are in physical contact with at the time of disappearance. Slowing of test footage revealed that this process happens instantaneously.

Subject will arrive at an unknown location. Every test subject has reported the same environment of a desert with blue sand that is engulfed by a black sandstorm, with a purple sky and red stars. Attempts to identify the stars as belonging to a known constellation were unsuccessful. Subject is then approached by one entity, hereon referred to as the Wasp. The Wasp is a human figure of dark complexion and indeterminable sex, garbed in black and tattered robes and with a head closely resembling that of an adult Vespula Germanica. The Wasp will seemingly try to communicate with the subject through a series rhythmic clicking with its mandibles; the pattern is not consistent with Morse code or any communication of that kind. Regardless, the human cannot respond or interact with the Wasp in any degree, as they are reportedly completely paralyzed upon eye contact with the entity.

Encounters occur for about a minute before they abruptly end. The subject will instantly reappear atop the mattress, now conscious and reportedly feeling fully rested. However, while the experience was a minute for subjects, they will have been gone for several hours in our passage of time; in most instances, subjects return in between 19 to 27 hours. Subject will appear the same position they held before teleportation, but will have a black polyester bag on their person that is tied shut with a thread of twine. Inside each bag is a small variety of golds, silvers and other similarly valuable materials, their worth typically ranging from [Redacted] to [Redacted].

All spoils are coated in the same dark blue sand as the unidentified desert. While being biogenic, researchers have not been able to determine where the sand might have originated from on Earth, if of earthly original at all, as is the case for the sacks, the thread, and the spoils.


Item was recovered shortly after its discovery by an undercover agent in [Redacted]. A local man attended a public access show to discuss his mattress being possessed by a demon or angel. He showed a video recording that demonstrated item’s properties, prompting all Insurgency agents embedded in that area to retrieve it. The man was administered proper amnesics and the item was recovered without incident or witnesses, and the episode and original video were deleted. The Insurgency could not erase the memories of civilians who watched the program, as the SCP Foundation also became aware of the item and had deployed their own agents to investigate, although they seemingly tracked down the civilians and did this for us. The majority of Insurgency personnel fled the area without alerting the Foundation to our presence, but one group was forced to use The Pacifier on a Mobile Task Force agent in order to escape undetected. Still, we currently have no reason to believe the Foundation is aware of our activities in that area.

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