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Item: Awiti
Size: 1.7 m tall
Type: Humanoid
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Could maul or claw personnel if provoked. Betray the Insurgency.
Location: Base Eight
Reported Anomaly: Abnormal physiology
Current Duties: Teal Operative █ (Special Assets)


Awiti is to be deployed in stealth operations. The item is free to select its loadout which often consist of bladed weapons. A heavily armed team are to be present during operations on standby in the event Awiti is compromised, and in need of immediate assistance.

Access to other anomalous items to assist Awiti is to be reviewed by Beta ranked personnel.


Awiti is the name of a 1.7 m tall, sapient, female humanoid resembling an anthropomorphic black panther. It is genetically human despite its appearance.

Awiti is athletic, flexible, and agile. Training within Base Eight has hone these qualities with exercises such as gymnastics, wall climbing, and combat training. It is also capable of running as fast as a common panther at around 50 to 60 km/h. In addition, it is able to perform jumps of around 2 meters high. It most often spends its time exercising or practicing its combat skills.

The specimen has claws though it uses them only when it does not have a weapon, and within hand-to-hand combat. Another method of attack when unarmed is biting opponents.

It is able to speak a few languages, some of which were taught by the Insurgency. The languages it speaks are English, Arabic, Swahili, and French.

Awiti was born somewhere within Eastern Africa, possibly from Sudan or Ethiopia. Its exact date of birth is unknown, but it is currently 23 years old according to the item. When it came into the custody of the Insurgency it was 14 years old. It was captured by Recon Squad Psi-4 after responding to a report of the item stealing food in a village under the control of the Insurgency.

Awiti notably has a close relationship with Dr. Joseph Brown. He has been serving as its mentor during its life within the Insurgency.

The item has been involved in 14 successful missions, and in only one failed mission (See Appendix B).

Appendix A: Early interview with the item when it was 14 years old.



DATE: 05/25/20██

NOTE: At the time of interview, the item was yet to fully trust the Insurgency and therefore it was reluctant to speak. The item also spoke mostly Swahili at the time, though in a limited amount. In addition, it had a small knowledge of English which it didn't use as often. The interview was performed by Dr. Joseph Brown who was familiar with Swahili. Extraneous content removed.


(Specimen is in a fetal position in the corner of the empty interview chamber.)

Dr. Brown: Hello, do you understand me? I would like to talk to you. Please don't be afraid.


Dr. Brown: What is your name? I am called Joseph.

(Brief silence)

Awiti: Don't have one. Not a nice one.

Dr. Brown: How come?

Awiti: Different. (Points at itself.)

Dr. Brown: There is nothing wrong with being different. Where are you from?

Awiti: (Briefly silent) Don't know.

Dr. Brown: What about your parents?

(Specimen is silent and avoided eye contact. Clearly distressed by the question. Sobbing can be heard.)

Dr. Brown: Hey, it's going to be alright.

(Dr. Brown approached the specimen despite orders not to by security. Guards were prepared outside the chamber to enter the room in the event of hostile action. Dr. Brown remained silent as he approached the item. He kneeled down to it and reached out to give it a hug.)

Dr. Brown: It's going to be alright. I understand.

Awiti: (Sobs)

Dr. Brown: Some people fail to see how special someone is, but there are some people that do. I promise things will be alright, child.


NOTE: Interview ended and Dr. Brown would further assist in developing the item's trust with the Insurgency.

Appendix B: On ██/██/████, Awiti was deployed to perform espionage at a facility owned and maintained by the Global Occult Coalition. The objective was to acquire information on anomalous targets slated for termination to potentially recruit, or to be acquired by CI retrieval teams.

Unfortunately, Awiti was spotted by GOC soldiers, and received a minor graze wound on its left arm. RPG-7s were used by Insurgency operatives outside of the facility to distract security forces as Awiti made its escape.

Only four casualties occurred, and four documents were retrieved.

Appendix C: The following is a transcript of a recorded conversation between Dr. Joseph Brown with Dr. Henry A. Miller to review the progress of the specimen.



DATE: ██/██/20██

NOTE: Dr. Henry A. Miller met with Dr. Joseph Brown to discuss the progress of Awiti within its first year of training. Awiti was 15 years old at the time of the interview.


Dr. Miller: (Papers shuffling) Alright… Dr. Joseph Brown. Hmm. You have an interesting record here. I see you were involved in the development of the S-01-Viral, or as some Sigma-classed folks call it, "The Blood Rain Virus". That was a fun bio weapon. It is such a shame we have very limited quantities of it. I would've love to play with it. (Grabs a cup of coffee and drinks from it.)

Dr. Brown: Yes, uh, thank you.

Dr. Miller: Anyway, you know who I am and why I am here. Alpha Command has sent me to document the progress of your item. What do you have so far, Brown? Please don't be shy. Omit nothing.

Dr. Brown: Awiti has been in our care for about a year and a half. At first she was fearful of the Insurgency, but she came to understand that we mean her no harm.

Dr. Miller: Awiti? Lovely name. Did you gave it that name?

Dr. Brown: Yes, I did.

Dr. Miller: Hm, very well. Continue. (Sips coffee)

Dr. Brown: She started to trust me and I became her main caretaker. She developed an interest in what we did in the Insurgency, and we began to train her to be part of Insurgency field teams. She might be worthy of joining the Teal Division someday.

Dr. Miller: How has it performed so far?

Dr. Brown: She struggles sometimes but she has shown great promise. Marksmanship is alright and steadily improving. She has shown to be quick thinking, and is determined to succeed.

Dr. Miller: I see. Anyway, how well does the item trust you?

Dr. Brown: Very well, I would say. She prefers my company.

Dr. Miller: Interesting. It is obviously fond of you. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is noted it was abandoned at a young age? (Papers shuffling)

Dr. Brown: Yes. She was viewed as a curse, and eventually was casted out from where she was born. The whole story is not clear, but she is opening up to me more about it.

Dr. Miller: Sounds to me like you are becoming like a sort of father figure to it, or on the road to one at least. This is of great benefit to us. Would you like a piece of advice?

Dr. Brown: Um, sure.

Dr. Miller: Don't get attached. Trust me, it won't end well. (Sips coffee)

Dr. Brown: Uh, thank you for your advice, sir.

(Brief silence)

Dr. Miller: Well, I guess I'm done here. The Insurgency does not mind new recruits for the Teal Division. Have a great day, Brown. You may leave now. I have more evaluations to conduct.

Dr. Brown: Thank you. (Stands up from chair and exits from the interview chamber.)


Appendix D: A more recent interview of the item performed by Dr. Joseph Brown.



DATE: ██/██/20██

Note: The following interview session occurred to see the progress made with the specimen, and how to improve conditions under the Insurgency to maintain loyalty. English was spoken throughout the conversation.


Dr. Brown: Hello there. How have you been today, Awiti?

Awiti: I been fine. I went for a jog around the base, went to the shooting range, and read through one of the books you gave me.

Dr. Brown: How is the book so far?

Awiti: It's okay but the main character is kinda annoying.

Dr. Brown: That's a common criticism but the character eventually grows on you. Well, anyway, how was your efforts in getting to know ███████1?

Awiti: Ugh, don't get me started. She's a complete bitch! Some say I am bitchy but she is mean. Every time I talk to her she just gives a rude remark. She almost got me wet! I would like to fight her.

Dr. Brown: That's unfortunate to hear. Please remember that ███████ just has problems adapting with others due to her unfortunate circumstances. You two have a lot in common, and she definitely would like to have a friend. She doesn't know how to express herself.

Awiti: Oh, Brown… I wish I can always have your optimism. How do you do it?

Dr. Brown: I just learned to appreciate little things or something like that.

Awiti: Well, whatever it is, I don't know if it would work with ███████.

Dr. Brown: (Snaps finger) How about you two doing a mission together? Through teamwork, maybe something great would happen. I could speak with the Cell Director about it so he could bring it up to the higher ups.

Awiti: Hmm. I'm not sure about that.

Dr. Brown: If she were to see your skills, she'll see you as her equal. It's worth trying out at least. Anyway, I have a question I am required to ask. You know the deal. Is there anything you would like to request or have improved?

Awiti: I would like a better bed, and a bigger shelf to put my stuff.

Dr. Brown: That's all? Then consider it done.

Awiti: Thank you. Are we finished?

Dr. Brown: Awiti, one more thing. Do you still wonder about your past sometimes?

Awiti: No. I'm fine. I learned to forget the past. It doesn't define me.

Dr. Brown: You don't think about your biological parents at all?

Awiti: Why when I have you instead?

Dr. Brown: Oh, child… You came such a long way. I remember the day I met you. Do you?

Awiti: Oh, yes. I was small and almost weak. (Chuckles)

Dr. Brown: You were special and you still are. It's a shame the people that was suppose to see that in your life didn't…

(Both stand up from their seats and slowly move to the exist of the chamber before stopping at it. Awiti hugs Dr. Brown.)

Awiti: Thank you for always being there.

Dr. Brown: No need to thank me, child. Please promise me something.

Awiti: What?

Dr. Brown: (Quietly) Don't let others decide who you are.

(Both stop hugging and Dr. Brown opens the door.)

Awiti: Goodbye.

Dr. Brown: Goodbye, Awiti.

(Awiti exits the room as Dr. Brown stands idle for a few seconds before collecting his belongings and leaving the room.)


Note: Since this interview, Dr. Joseph Brown has been put under surveillance. See Appendix E of Awiti's file.


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