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Item: Astollia
Size: Currently, 5,000 kilometers mapped,(Presumed infinite)
Type: Extra-dimensional location
Living: Yes (Extended definition)
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Unstable topography, biohazard, and hostile
Required Wear/Weaponry Full body Hazmat suit, incendiary weapons, and a portable light source
Location: Multiple entry points Base Six
Reported Anomaly: Hostile extra-dimensional space


A photograph of the possible epicenter of the Item. Note: this image was taken prior to the manifestation of anomalous activities.


Security perimeters have been established around desirable access points to the object. Samples of the biological tissue are to be collected once every 48 hours for testing, which will be carried out remotely. For the duration of time spent in the object's space, personnel are to bear Class-4 Hazmat suits designed to withstand aerosolized chemical agents. Said suits are to be air-tight to prevent contamination of agents in the presence of the object's "Immune System". In an instance in which the object is being utilized to store other objects of high priority, they are to be located in a room within 0.5 kilometers from the initial entry point. All personnel wishing to enter the object are to be informed as to the hostile nature of the object as well as be educated in taking precautions in not provoking a hostile reaction from either the object itself or the Immune cells inhabiting it.


The object is an extra-dimensional space accessible via several "Cortexual" gateways. The Space appears to be that of a massive presumably infinite labyrinthine-like complex bearing a striking resemblance to that of the ████ █████ High School in which was reported to have "vanished" along with all of its occupants on January 25, 1996. The Space consists of looping corridors and rooms consistent with that of the original floor plan of the building previously stated. Besides the theory that the structural space is infinitely expanding with the further from the "epicenter" of the anomaly believed to be the pool causing distortion of the environment. With the furthest expedition into the object being only 5,000 kilometers performed via a remotely controlled drone. The full extent of the abnormalities has not been discovered.

Most notable of the objects anomalies was the severely malnourished corpse of a female between the ages of 16-18 (identity unknown) found leaning on a desk which had warped into a non-euclidean figure. The only document recovered was a green leather-bound notebook of unknown make. The notebook contained several transcriptions in unknown symbols bearing resemblance to Norse runes. Thus far all attempts to translate these transcriptions have been met with failure.

During routine exploration On 10/27/2001, field agent Aaron T. Willson removed a sample of what was believed to be sheetrock from a support beam in a former classroom. Immediately after, the Agent reported visual and auditory hallucinations and 5 minutes and 30 seconds after the initial symptoms, the Agent expired. A post-incident autopsy was performed and showed the presence of a previously unknown species of prokaryotic microorganisms present in the Agent's blood. Genetic analysis of said organisms showed significant matches to students who were reported missing during the disappearance of the ████ █████ High School. These organisms also showed significant damage, akin to that of acute radiation exposure and bear antigens to that of mutated Leukocytes1.

Further experimentation has concluded that portions of the object such as doors, tables, walls, and other dense materials are comprised of carotin with more smooth and flexible materials such as leather being comprised of flesh-like protrusions coated in several pigmentations in order to provide a less organic appearance to the structure.

Addenda (Experimentation)

Date Description Results
11/26/1999 One male instance of Oryctolagus cuniculus is placed into the object. The subject is tracked for several days before its expiration. The subject died from starvation, with no hostile reaction shown from the object.
1/9/2000 One adult male specimen of Homo Sapiens is introduced into the object. The Subject is ordered via radio to strike a chair which appeared to be "growing" out of the floor. An oblong orifice emerges from behind subject and tears a notable amount of flesh out of his upper back. The Subject quickly expired from exsanguination. Once deceased, the subject appeared to "melt" into the far wall.
3/9/2002 Adult female specimen of Homo Sapiens is introduced to the object's environment Prior to any commands being able to be given the floor beneath the Subject collapses. Camera feed cuts out for 90 seconds before resuming. Camera show subject deceased in a large man-made body of what is presumed to be Oxidane. Several other bodies are present. A large biomass is presently suspended in the air via unknown means. The mass constantly emitted bursts of energy and secreted a viscous opaque liquid from several cavities on its form. Written in the fluid on the wall was the phrase "Here be Astollia, dear God, damn this which to Hell."

Closing Statement: After subsistent research into the identity of the body of the female found during drone exploration was revealed to be Astollia Sinclair. A sophomore attending ████ █████ High School. Residents claimed that they could not recall when she began attending the school or where she lived.

The following articles are attempts at "terraformation" of the Item for habitation and or complete transformation into a multi-purpose facility.


As of this incident, it has been declared that usage of this anomaly is too hazardous and is to be decommissioned. All objects are to be removed from the Space and all entry points are to be demolished. It really isn't that worth it. With all that said it is in the best interest of the Insurgency that one of our more unsavory adversaries takes the fall for this one.

~ Administrator, James Welsh
ID: AST-127849

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