Assemble Yourself
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Item: "Assemble Yourself"
Size: Box: 10 cm in height, 25 cm in length, 10 cm in width. - Figurine: 14 cm tall
Type: Toy
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards: Permanent physical alterations, and operative going rogue. Possible cognitive changes.
Location: Base 10
Reported Anomaly: Transfiguration


Only selected individuals may be authorized to use the item. They are to be made fully aware that the effects of the item are permanent, and the transformation process is painful. They can refuse to use the item. Repeated uses are to occur at 1 month or more between each other.

Security personnel are to supervise the item's use. If the head is swapped, subjects are to then be psychologically evaluated after the transformation process is complete.

Item is to be kept in a standard storage locker.


Item is a toy product identified as the "Assemble Yourself Figurine Kit" on the cardboard box it comes in. Item consists of a customizable plastic figure that is 14 cm tall, and appears like a muscular adult male in its base construction. The arms, legs, and head are interchangeable, and can be replaced with other alternative parts that come in the box. They connect to the torso piece via ball-and-socket joints that snap into place.

The anomalous properties manifest when a subject begins to remove and/or change the individual parts. After approximately 1 minute, the user will begin to undergo physical alterations corresponding to the figure. It will restructure the skeletal and muscle structures by an unknown process to facilitate the changes. The parts of a subject being replaced undergo atrophy, and compression inward into the torso. Pain is reported but no long-term damages have been observed. The transformation process lasts between 2 to 5 minutes.

Some of the limbs that grow resemble metal, though analysis has found it to instead be made of chitin, and enamel. One of the limbs that can be swapped is a Gatling gun. When fully grown on the subject, ammunition is rapidly grown teeth made to mimic regular rounds. The rapid growth and firing can lead to overheating.

Repeated use of the item under a short period of time has lead users developing an addiction. Users will desire to do nothing but make continuous changes to their body. In addition, replacement of the head multiple times have shown decrease in cognitive functions. These conditions are avoided by limiting use of the item.

Appendix A: Initial testing log.

Subject Combination Result
01 Replaced head with arm. Subject began to convulse on the floor as their head, and left arm began to atrophy. The parts compress inward into the torso of the subject, producing cracking sounds. Once gone, a new arm is observed to be growing at the base of the neck while the head emerges in the place of the arm. Notably, the head displayed altered facial features to resemble those of the figure. Subject was disoriented and struggled to coordinate themselves.
02 Removed left arm. No further alterations made. Arm began to atrophy until it detached from the subject. The area where the arm was formally attached to was completely sealed by skin, leaving a small stub. No blood loss or any other adverse medical effects were observed.
03 Replaced right leg with an avian leg resembling a chicken (Gallus gallus). Process begins with the right leg contorting, and compressing inward to the subject. A chicken leg soon emerged in the place of the subject's original right leg.
03 Replace chicken leg with original human leg. Transformation occurred though the leg is noticeably much more muscular than the original leg, significantly contrasting with the body type of the subject. The subject was emaciated, and the new leg was found to be completely healthy. Subject was able to utilize the leg more than their other limbs without tiring for longer durations of time.
04 Replace head and legs with arms. Subject was able to effectively move around their vicinity, relying on touch to sense their environment. Despite the lack of orifices to take in oxygen, subject did not experience immediate signs of suffocation. In addition, they did not display starvation. Subject was terminated by personnel after 3 months for autopsy. No effects expected from malnutrition or oxygen depravation were found. Typical decomposition occurred before corpse was incinerated.

Appendix B: The following is a list of all operatives that have used the item, along with the physical alterations they currently possess.

Operatives Description
Operative #461 Pterodactyl head, simian legs, and a grey left arm ending in four digits that glows in the dark at will.
Operative #123 Amphibian legs, cephalopodic arms, and a shark head (Selachi)
Operative #322 Right arm replaced with Gatling gun, and left leg replaced with reptilian leg possessing sharp claws.
Operative #099 Item was medically used to replace the operative's amputated legs. The original human legs of the figure were used.
Operative #304 Right arm replaced with Gatling gun, and both legs swapped for metal legs.
Operative #457 Right arm replaced with insectoid limb ending in three digits.
Operative #243 Left arm replaced with arm that ends in a sharp black point. Swapped head for a common house fly.
Operative #303 Arms replaced with black bendable arms ending in four digit hands wearing unremovable white gloves. Notably able to stretch up to an additional 30 cm.
Operative #126 Legs changed for insectoid legs resembling those of a cricket. Left arm changed for a rocket launcher.

Appendix C: Label present on the box. The mentioned accessories are currently being investigated.

Build an ideal you. Additional accessories sold separately.

A proud product of The Factory

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