Assemble Yourself
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Item: Assemble Yourself
Size: Puzzle Box, size in flux.
Type: Recreational Object
Usage Precautions: Personnel are not to come into direct contact us of Item during deployment. Preparation personnel are to use covered clothing at least 4cm thick when planting assets.
Handling Precautions: Item is to be stored in a standard locker, located in Base-77. It is not to be utilized, tested, or interacted with outside of deployment.
Location: Base-77
Reported Anomaly: Re-assembles a human body, alters cognitive function.

The item is to be deployed in an area the target(s) are most likely to find it, but not arouse suspicion, such as within a store or in an underused area of their domicile. Once the subject comes into contact with the item, they will certainly become affected. Insurgents are to use covered clothing at least 4cm thick when planting objects, and not make visual contact or smell the odor of the cardboard housing the object. Once the subject(s) are affected fully, Insurgents are to collect them and the item. Following this, the subjects can be tested or disposed of.

If the subject should retain some motor functions, they are to be sent to Zone-009 for further inspection.

The object is a small cardboard box of varying size, with the words "Amazing Model! Assemble Yourself!" written on the front, along with a garish depiction of several children playing with a small toy human. When a human subject utilizes the item, it will open to a number of parts making up a human doll. As the subject assembles the object, they will begin to lose muscle mass and bone structure. Despite the fact that the subjects should expire during this process, or at the very least be unable to continue assembling the item, they will persist until long after their physical form should be unable to support itself, at the conclusion of which subjects will appear to be compressed, and pulled into the doll they have created. Following this, the doll will take on an appearance identical to that of the subject, albeit made out of brass. At this point, the doll is completely normal, and no affected subject has ever been recorded to move following conversion.

It is believed that subjects retain their cognitive functions during this process. However, they are unable to control any motor functions other than the eyes.

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