Antonio's Cigars
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Item: Antonio's Cigars
Type: Cuban cigars
Required Wear/Weaponry: A lighter or a matchbox.
Location: Facility: Bathtub-2
Reported Anomaly: Large-scale incendiary blast



Three instances of the item during analysis.

Due to the limited quantity of the item, it is to only be provided to covert operatives in high-risk operations under the discretion of Alpha Command. The cigars are to be lit in the event the mission is compromised, and capture by the enemy is deemed imminent with no escape.

When not in use, other instances of the item are to be kept in a storage locker. No open flame is to brought within 5 m of the instances.


Item is a pack of Cuban cigars branded as "Antonio's Cigars". The pack comes with 8 instances, though as of writing only 6 remain. The cigars appear ordinary until they are lit.

When lit, the item violently explodes, forming a blast radius of around 1 km. The area will be engulfed in flames and hot ashes. The cause of this reaction is unknown, and analysis of the tobacco inside it shows no unusual properties.

Multiple uses have been considered for the item. Currently, it is used as a method of self-termination for high-ranking field operatives to avoid capture, and also inflict losses to the enemy.

Item was recovered on ██/██/██ from within a storage facility owned by the ███████████████████. The location was obtained from the Unusual Incidents Unit, who documented the anomaly for their records. The recovered documentation reveal it was an unused assassination tool originally intended for use against Insurgency benefactor █████ ██████. In addition, its existence was kept classified from the Foundation to maintain ownership for future use. No details of how the item was created have been recovered as of yet.

Appendix A: The following is a brief list of the item's usage.

User: Operative ██████ ████ (#██████) - KIA

Report: Operative was deployed undercover to sabotage various operations of the Global Occult Coalition. Was compromised when attempting to retrieve data concerning experimental GOC weaponry. See full report at Step Compilation SC-████████████.

User: Operative ████ ███████ (#█████) - KIA

Report: Deployed in on-going efforts to infiltrate sects of Sarkic Cults. Due to the incendiary nature of the item, it was deemed useful against Sarkic practitioners. Operative was compromised when taken to an underground complex located within Siberia. For full details, see Operation ███████.

Appendix B: Dr. ███████ has requested the use of House of All in possibly replicating more instances of the item. Request denied by Alpha Command. Below is their official statement.

The incident report of the last anomalous item placed inside the House reveals significant risks. It may be possible the House would just fill up with cigars, but what if they all spontaneously go off? The hundreds of potential instances combusting in one place is set to cause a chain reaction beyond Insurgency control. As a result, we would possibly lose the House, one instance of the cigars, and personnel.

A more reliable means of reproduction is required.

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