Person of Interest GC241 Dossier
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"Agent Ukulele"

Personal Description

Real Name: Unknown

Nickname: Agent Ukulele


  • The SCP Foundation (Currently)
  • Global Occult Coalition (Formerly)

Place of Birth: Information not available

Civil Status: Information not available

Sex: Male

Height: ~1.8 m

Weight: ~80 kg

Age: 46

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde

Brief Summary

Agent Ukulele is the codename of an operative formerly employed by the Global Occult Coalition. He specialized in the neutralization of reality bending entities, and practitioners of thaumaturgy. Recovered documents report that POI-GC241 was involved in the successful neutralization of 41 anomalies at the GOC.

For unknown reasons, Agent Ukulele defected to the SCP Foundation under the new alias of Dr. Alto Clef. He currently assists them as a containment specialist primarily for anomalies relating to reality bending or the occult. The extent of his occult knowledge is unknown.

Currently targeted for neutralization.

History and Circumstances for Interest

The first encounter with POI-GC241 was in an ambush orchestrated by the GOC on an item retrieval unit. It resulted in 15 casualties, and the theft of several items. POI-GC241's involvement was unknown at the time until he defected to the Foundation.

POI-GC241 was quickly acknowledged for his contribution to the Foundation, which earned him level 4 clearance. He became a low priority target until contact was made with the Children of the Scarlet King. Their high priest demanded that POI-GC241 be terminated along with other researchers responsible for the containment of SCP-231. It was requested that the head of the targets be brought to the cult as a form of confirmation. Other parts of the body are acceptable if the head can not be retrieved. POI-GC241 thereafter became a high priority target for agents.

Additional information

The proposal to capture and interrogate POI-GC241 have been submitted by personnel. Dr. Henry A. Miller suggests the knowledge possessed by the target may be used to obtain several items in containment. Neutralization will be delayed for POI-GC241, but his detainment must be kept confidential to avoid conflict with the Children of the Scarlet King. Approval from Alpha Command is pending.

Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding the involvement of SCP-231. Personnel are to be informed that the death of the targets will not result in containment failure. The procedure in use by the Foundation is effective. No request have been made by the Children of the Scarlet King to disrupt it. The location of SCP-231 continues to be unknown.

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