Personnel File: Agent Fritz

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Agent Fritz before he joined the Chaos Insurgency

Name: Agent Fritz, Fritz András


ID №: 2762562
Security Clearance: Delta Gamma
Date of Recruitment: March 28th, 1975

Responsibilities: Head supervisor of experimentation on humanoid anomalies located at Central Research Base: Three , sergant of the Ryuri-03 Unit.

Operative History: Prior to his recruitment, Fritz was a student in Budapest at the █ ████ School. He actively searched for anomalies, and collected them. One of his items called ██████ ████ of Truth exploded in his apartment, killing 34 people. Miraculously, he survived with a skull, arm, and leg fracture. The Chaos Insurgency left with him, and his items. First, he was planned to be executed on March 20th 1975, but was later deemed important enough, to say with the Chaos Insurgency and use his anomaly searching skills professionally. The cover story was that Fritz died with the other 34 people. At first he was a junior-reasearcher, but after some hard work got promoted to senior-reasearcher, then the Head supervisor of experimentation on humanoid anomalies. Some time later while doing a basic gun-handleing class, Sir ████████ found great potential in him. He took special care of Fritz, and trained him into a cold-blooded soldier. Unfortunatly, reasearchers are too important, thus are not sent out on missions often. After some hard work Fritz András was promoted to sergant of the Ryuri-03 Unit

Assets Documented:

  • Failed Project

Incidents Documented:

Current Projects:

  • None
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