Personnel File: Agent Fritz

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Agent Fritz before he joined the Chaos Insurgency

Name: Agent Fritz, Fritz András


ID №: 2762562
Security Clearance: Delta Gamma
Date of Recruitment: March 28th, 2020

Responsibilities: Head supervisor of experimentation on humanoid anomalies located at Central Research Base: Three , captain of the Ryuri-03 Unit.

Operative History: Prior to his recruitment, Fritz was a student in Budapest at the █ ████ School. He was one of the best student of the school, performing greatly. Throughout this time he actively searched for anomalies,and had a collection of items at his home. The SCP Foundation gained knowledge of him, they sent out a team to execute him, and to secure the items. Fritz knew he was in danger,so he tried to attract the Chaos Insurgency to cause a distraction. The try was succesfull. The Chaos Insurgency took him, just before the Foundation came. The items got secured by the SCP Foundation,leaving Fritz's works to dust. He was sent to Bathtub-05, and after a lot of meetings,and a help from an Alpha member, the Chaos Insurgency gave him a job. The cover story was that Fritz was killed in an accident, so he could do the job secretly. He started as a janitor, then over time (4 years) he became a guard at Cardboad-7. After overhearing and correcting a scientist's equation, the Beta members took him to fill-in an IQ test. Fritz filled it in and had great performance. After that he was promoted to junior-researcher and he stayed at the Cardboard-7 Facility. He showed interest in humanoid items and after a year he was promoted to the Head suprevisor of experimentation on humanoid anomalies. Because of his great physical abilites he became the part of the Ryuri-03 Unit (the same unit that saved him.).

Assets Documented:

  • Failed Project

Incidents Documented:

Current Projects:

  • None
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