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The agenda of the Fates shift allegiances irregularly. One cannot always be certain that the Chaos Insurgency always stood for the path to global prosperity and unification. Sometimes, its moral weight tips over to one side; the side of Evil, Maligned Chaos. When the scale of decency tips in favor of the scum of the world, the rest of the organization follows. The Senior Staff were the last to be affected.

First it was Strate. He was always the impressionable one. The one who accepted, the one who agreed first. A spineless stick of a man. He became a vessel for the Word to spread to others.

It spread next to Kenneth. Hockenberry heard of Strate's recent incident with the collars. When the time came for the demons of dissidence to come to the Beta Commander, the Beta Commander came to them. He knew what the benefits would be. So, he pledged allegiance no longer to the Insurgency.

More followed. Lewis Brine. When he betrayed the cause and shot Dr. Braise and his assistant, I almost cried. I had lost a friend. It would not be the last time. One by one, they left. Steffie, during the first of the skirmishes with the new defectors. She took everything from the lab. Creed, when we weren't looking. He shot four-fifths of his own Base Four's task force units in their sleep. The smell of rot and infection lingered so. Halsey's case wasn't discovered until lately. He died along with his fellow nerdlings from base four, whom were fish in a barrel as they played Super Smash Brothers Four (for Wii U) together in Halsey's apartment home. The attackers quickly covered up their escape, while leaving his Mountain Dew to rot.

Caduceus was the last. Up till that time, the friendly doctor was placid. He was completely entrenched in his office, his rigged, booby-trapped, cozy Base Eleven office. But even he was no match. Hockenberry came knocking, and took out all of the traps by himself. And Cad went in the worst, most ironic way possible. Choked and asphyxiated with berry mints; I read a report that Hock poured the doctor's entire mint collection down his throat. He was stabbed by all of the scalpels Kenneth could find, beat about with rubber gloves, and the corpse being shot repeatedly by Nerfs.


I remain. Only I remain. The lonely one. The one who lived and now seeks heaven-wrought, hell-bound vengeance. I will carry on the legacy of my fallen comrades, and burn that of my once-friends. They have wronged me and now I have the chance to extinguish them from their putrid existence.

I stand, ready and in command. The Great Armada at my back, the Emperors of the Fates at my sides, and the enemy in my gaze. Nine-hundred and sixty-eight supercharged rail cannons aim at the enemy. The Air Legion stalks their skies and claims it for the Conglomerates. The Five-Thousand Spartan Regiment of the Spited shout their battle cries below my observation tower of the Prime Cannonmonger Dreadnought.

Of course, that is secretly all for show. I will lead and execute the attack myself.

In the Royal Standard combat suit, I run out of the open window and jump to my vantage point. My MarksMan v.2 Rifle cradled coldly in my right arm, I peer through the laser sights and dispatch the lead messengers of death at my enemies' men.

[Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA HA]

I open the blast doors with a knock that sends the world into a state of hollowness. The dissidents turn their gaze to me. All of them. My eyes bulge with excitement, and I smile a mirthless, gracious smile. Blood rushes to every part of my body. I feel powerful. I feel like a God. And a God always has his favored weapon.

I wield the scythe in one hand, and a rail cannon in my other.

Subject: Edison Dehnai

Patient #: 10-3718-Charlie

Synopsis after Experiment 61: The patient has not shown considerable progress from my observation of the latest experiment. He continues to suffer from dissociative personality disorder, believing himself to be Edward Grimshire Deny, an Alpha-class researcher. While Edison Denhai has served a brief tenure as a provisional Gamma-class officer, that was because he was a temporary replacement for a handler of the Item ██████ ██ ████.

Edison Denhai continues to refuse to relinquish one of his personal effects, a scythe stolen from the Esoteric Agriculture Department. He believes this scythe has made him the "avatar of spite and suffering" and that he "must extinguish those who had wronged him and his friends by fielding the Armada of Dread against them". This is consistent with previous experiments. He also, frequently, mentions a massive weapon called the Super Dreadnought Rail Cannon. His overall state of mind is similar to that of the Stickity-Stick, and the scythe may be the apparent source of his disorder. Requesting reprimand of his scythe (force authorized) and experimentation to see if it possesses anomalous properties. I will volunteer for the research-usage-containment procedure planning and the subsequent interviews with the affected test subjects.

It is also disturbing that the patient displays intimate knowledge of several well-known Staff members, such as Victor Strate, Vincent Heaton, Steffie Kojcewska and Kenneth Hockenberry, among others, including me. He has not had any form of contact with any of these staff members, excluding myself, but this knowledge was displayed prior to my first introduction with him.
It is logical that the patient needs further observation. Possible ways to gradually ease the subject and coax him into cooperating with the department are to be researched. If we can convince him to calm down, that would be an excellent step to commence our rehabilitation program and ease him back into the world. That, or we can terminate him and be done with it. The latter procedure is more cost-efficient.


Martin Caduceus,
ß Beta-class Medical / IRUC Specialist - ☤ - Central Base Six Psychiatry

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