Item: Abderra'ad
Size: Girth: 121 cm; Length: Indefinite
Type: Entity (Spirit)
Living: Unknown
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards: Item may create powerful electric discharges, including ball lightning, causing ozone generation.
Required Wear/Weaponry: Weatherproof outdoor gear and gas masks are useful during prolonged exposure to the active Item.
Location: N/A
Reported Anomaly: Weather Manipulation


Any 𝘏-positive male may summon the Item by invoking its name in a call for assistance, like "Abderra'ad, I need you." or "Are you here, Abderra'ad?". The language used is irrelevant, as long as the name "Abderra'ad" is pronounced correctly.

When summoned, Abderra'ad will appear from within the nearest nimbus cloud. Should no suitable cloud be available, the weather in the region will change over a time of up to 25 minutes to feature such clouds. The Item will then approach the summoner and protect him by attacking anything it perceives as a threat to an 𝘏-positive individual, their peers or their possession.

Although it understand basic commands like a trained animal, the Item can not be reliably controlled. Therefore, it is only to be deployed in safe distance to Insurgency assets (anomalous or otherwise) it could consider threatening.

The Item will leave on its own once it considers all present 𝘏-carriers to be safe, or when it suffers critical damage. Should it retreat in the latter way, it will need up to 9 days to recuperate.


Abderra'ad is an non-organic entity that acts as a guardian spirit towards certain males. Abderra'ad takes the form of a long, serpentine creature made of connected golden rings, inside of which a steady flame of St. Elmo's fire is burning. The head portion of its body terminates in a large golden skull, not unlike that of a moray eel, with the significant difference that it contains an additional middle jaw bone with teeth on both sides, effectively granting it two maws. The hood of a linen cloak of approximately 4 m in length is covering the back parts of its skull; it is not known whether the cloak is part of its body. Three elongated tear-shaped crystals, measuring approximately 2,5 m are floating fanned out at each side of its head, with the tips of the crystals pointing outwards.

The appearance of Abderra'ad is accompanied by increasingly stormy weather and random atmospheric events similar to volcanic lightning. During all observed manifestations, its body remained a connection with the cloud that spawned it, extending additional members when required to stretch.

Besides an extreme resistance to physical harm, Abderra'ad is capable of creating and manipulating powerful electric currents. These may take the form of shooting ball lightning, creating localised EMPs that disrupt even hardened electronics, and a massive electric discharge from its mouths that creates a stable plasma channel to cut through most objects.

The males protected by Abderra'ad are direct patrilineal offspring from an unknown individual known to have lived in the 7th Century CE in the Arabian Peninsula, designated 𝘏′. This relationship, although unlikely to be an actual genetic trait, is designated the 𝘏-factor. There exists no known way to test for the 𝘏-factor without invoking Abderra'ad, though genetic genealogy can still be used to identify clusters of 𝘏-positive men once a single case is known. The estimate of 𝘏-positive individuals living to date lies between 11.000 and 3.000.000 men.

Appendix A: Excerpts from Mission Report Zulu-Hole

Operation Zulu-Hole was an 18 month long targeted counter-intelligence operation against the Foundation. Using intelligence obtained in Operation India-Gecko, an Insurgency agent impersonated a civil source leaking info to the Foundation. The Foundation's trust was gained after a lead resulted in the seizure of various hazardous anomalous waste products as SCP-Objects by the Foundation.

During the operation, the identity of one involved Foundation employee, Agent Fletcher, was compromised through social engineering and revealed to be Randall Jamie Simmons. Research into his family revealed his grandfather's brother to be a known 𝘏-carrier. With this knowledge at hand, the final stage of Operation Zulu-Hole was modified to include the first field deployment of Abderra'ad.

Call Transcript: Zulu-Hole-#192

The following is log of a phone call between Insurgency Agent ████████ and Foundation employee Simmons, codenamed Fletcher.

(Start of Transcript)

[Unknown]: Welcome to the Sanitary Copper Plumbing customer hotline. How may I help you?

████████: (audibly distressed) Th… Hello? Are you the people for a… for the special problems? It is very important.

[Unknown]: We deliver custom products to customers around the globe. If you have a problem, may I know your plumbing's serial code?

████████: Serial co…? Oh yes, I understand. I, uh, should have it here. (pause) Tee-Ah-Nine-Kay-Four-Oh.

[Unknown]: Understood. Please wait a moment.

(Pause whilst the call is being bounced and reconnected.)

Simmons: Agent Fletcher. Whom am I talking to?

████████: This is Abderra'ad Saqqaf. Please, they took her!

Simmons: Saqqaf? Are you Hadil's brother? Did something happen to her?

████████: Yes! She told me to call this number if something happens to her. She said she was afraid that they could… (interrupted)

Simmons: Please calm down. Abderra'ad, where are you? I need you to tell me what exactly happened.

████████: This morning… Nadir told me. They came early in the morning. Men with guns, in an armoured car. Didn't looked like the militia. Jumped out of the car and kicked in Nadir's door. He tried to stop them but they beat them both up and took Hadil. He fled and told me. We're, uh, we're out of town now. Nadir wanted to get his brothers to follow them, but I told him we can't fight those psychos alone, we… (interrupted)

Simmons: "These psychos"? Whom do you mean?

████████: The bone farmers. They have a temple up the mountains, behind their flailing gardens. Will they eat her?

Simmons: Sarkic communities don't… Okay, is Nadir with you? Tell him they have to wait. I will get a team to you immediately, but they have to wait. This is very important.

████████: I… yes, I can tell him. He is downstairs, hold on.

(Remainder of the call redacted for brevity.)

(End of Transcript)

Immediately following this event, the weather at Foundation Site-██ began to change consistent to a manifestation of Abderra'ad. 19 minutes later, Abderra'ad appeared at the scene. It identified various of the locally contained SCP-Objects as potential threats to Simmons and initiated an attack.

The Site's defences were not prepared to deal with an threat of this magnitude and gave up as they realized its immunity to small arms fire, focusing on the evacuation of the Site instead.

Various SCP-Objects were destroyed by Abderra'ad, and collateral damage to the containment mechanism of SCP-████ resulted in it forcefully launching mud missiles through the entire facility, blasting through the SCP-███ containment compound. Multiple SCP-███ instances escaped and began attacking personnel, killing at least 3 Researchers before they are disintegrated by Abderra'ad.

Although Abderra'ad was forced to retreat through shelling with heavy anti-armour ordnance by an Foundation MTF three hours later, the containment breaches in the aftermath of its attack were not contained until 81 hours later, leaving enough time for SCP-████ to bury the entire Site under an pile of clay.

To this date, the Foundation does not appear to have drawn any connection to the events that lead to the manifestation of Abderra'ad and stays unaware of its origin.

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