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"They'll just let it wear away on field missions. It's a delicate thing, like a small bird. It needs a gentle hand like my own."

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by Zesc

"Trinket of spite? Very well. If one must err to rely on the deceit of phrases, one still must retain one's honour."

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Admin's July Update: Discord Ask-Me-Anything

  • I will be hosting an AMA (ask-me-anything) discussion on our Discord server sometime this month to answer as many of your questions on the Chaos Insurgency's lore, history, characters, and events as I can. I'll be talking on our voice channel, and you can join there to ask your questions, or post them on the no-mic channel.
  • You can start sending me your questions now via Wikidot PM or by contacting me through Discord. Feel free to ask as many as you like. Keep it relevant to the Chaos Insurgency's lore. Let's build the CI's universe together.
  • Stay tuned to this update board for more information soon, and if you haven't come in yet, consider joining our community Discord!

- DrCaduceusDrCaduceus, CI Wiki Head Administrator

Tag Guide

  • A much-needed Tag Guide has been launched as part of an overhaul of the tag system to make tags more organized and simpler to use. Follow the discussion here.

22 February 2021

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