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This is a secure network that is under 24/7 extensive surveillance

Featured Item: Imperial Sharks

"You know, Crayfish, when I was your age, war was simpler. You enlist, you fight, and you either die or get the other guy to die."

"Yeah. Cool. Except you forgot the part where the navy was at risk of being destroyed by fucking suicide-bombing Japanese missile sharks."

"Those damn Japs."

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Featured Tale: Access Denyyed

Observations, Day 61: Subject still calls himself Edward Grimshire Deny. He is not Edward Grimshire Deny. There is no such thing as Edward Grimshire Deny. He does not have a magical scythe. His poetry and prose skills are not ominous in any way. I can't take his ramblings anymore. We'd save a whole lot more money. FOR THE LOVE OF BERT HE IS NOT EDWARD DENY.

- Contents of a discarded paper slip from Dr. Martin's office.

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