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by DrCaduceus and other collaborators

Audio Log of Dr. Angus Remidi, June 19, 1933

For many centuries now, the foundations of mankind have been built on the trials and expeditions of leaders, and their followers.

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Shapeless Knave is the codename for a sentient shadow known as Erembour. The Item Is able to manipulate its shape as a shadow, and the definite size it can reach is still to be determined.

News from June 2020

Moderators for the discord server

We are looking for one (or more) moderator(s) to manage the discord server. If you are interested, do not hesitate to go to the server and contact the server administrator who is PanicAtTheDisco.

To be a server moderator you must be:

-Be an active member
-Know the rules
-Be mature

PS: the server moderator rank doesn't mean you're going to become a wiki moderator, sorry guys.

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