The Chaos Insurgency

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Featured Item: Seismic Rodents

Never had we thought beforehand that the same pests that carried the Bubonic Plague to the Eurasias would be used again, still by us, as weapons. This time, though, there won't be fleas, or microbes, nor boils to rend the others apart. We can turn to the powers of the world, Agoncillo, the powers of the world. This time, we'll use rats without the taints of the King. You see, Agoncillo, we have special rats.

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Featured Tale: Nascence of Disillusions

The boy laughed in ecstasy. Their home had holes punctuated on the walls, where cold spine-shivering drafts intrude the dwelling. There was no fireplace with a crackling warm flame to relief a family in the winter, no wooden rocking chairs or warm cocoa. But yet it was the warmest place to be in the world.. That is, until the day came. When the disillusions began.

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